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Pagona Liggou, HR Director

"By hiring a new employee, we expect him/her to be flexible, to understand and accept the other generations in the workplace, to learn from senior staff and also pass on his/her own knowledge and new ideas and be able to join the team with respect for and from everyone"


The problems faced by different generations coexisting in the same workplace are more visible than ever in the modern Internet-based era. The workforce is aging while our associates are getting younger. The market becomes increasingly flatter, and rhythms of life become faster. The human resources called upon to work together, side by side and to deliver results encompass broadened age groups with different values. So, learning to address the issues raised by the existence of different generations in the workplace, we are taking an important step towards success in the most diverse market established. In order to integrate new employees into our Organization and do so smoothly, we should successfully foster the coexistence of generations in their workplace and adopt five common principles that we should follow to ensure a favorable environment for all. These five approaches will effectively embrace diversity, demonstrate flexibility, emphasize respect-based relationships, and focus on keeping talented and gifted employees. Young people today expect concrete things from employers such as respect at all levels, fair pay and benefits, trust between employees and senior management, job security and opportunities to use their skills and competences at work. By hiring a new employee, we expect him/her to be flexible, to understand and accept the other generations in the workplace, to learn from senior staff and also pass on his/her own knowledge and new ideas and be able to join the team with respect for and from everyone. 

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A good work environment
Pagona Liggou, HR Director


Enhancing Employee Wellbeing: Personalized HR Support at our Workplace.

In today's fast-paced corporate landscape, ensuring the wellbeing and satisfaction of employees has become paramount for the success of any organization. At Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa we understand that our greatest asset is our talented and dedicated workforce. To reaffirm our commitment to your growth and comfort, we are excited to introduce our personalized Human Resources (HR) support initiative.

We believe that an engaged and content workforce is the cornerstone of a thriving organization. With this belief at heart, our HR team has taken a proactive step towards providing you with the support our people deserve. Our team members are stepping out of their traditional roles and into the workplace, bridging the gap between management and staff.

On-Site Conversations: Our Associates Concerns, Our Priority

A friendly HR team member, eager to hear about our Associates experiences, concerns, and ideas. This is not just a possibility – it's a reality at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa. Our HR team is making a conscious effort to be present where it matters the most – amidst our valued employees.

We understand that sometimes it's easier to discuss thoughts face-to-face rather than through emails or formal channels. Our on-site visits aim to encourage open conversations about any challenges our Associates might be facing, ideas they want to share, or improvements they envision for our work environment.

At Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, we are dedicated to cultivating an environment where our Associates’ growth and satisfaction are seamlessly integrated into our company's success. Our personalized HR support initiative is a testament to our commitment to their journey within the organization.

Join us in embracing this new chapter of enhanced employee engagement and wellbeing. Together, let's shape a workplace that thrives on collaboration, empathy, and mutual growth. Because when our people succeed, we all succeed.

Remember, our HR team isn't just behind closed doors anymore – we're right there with our people, every step of the way.

Every company should be able to do the following to attract the best employees and capitalize on them:

- to offer its employees an environment, systems and technological equipment ensuring effectiveness, less red tape and formalism and fewer inflexibilities.
- to offer its employees an environment that would allow them to deploy their creativity and capabilities, have good prospects for future development, based on meritocratic criteria (so that no one would have a reason to believe that promotions are the result of non-transparent procedures or that they are carried out based on criteria and priorities irrelevant to capacity and performance or that the supervisors do not deserve their post).
- To remunerate and honor them based on:
a) their ‘measurable’ personal contribution,
b) their contribution to their sector’s overall effort and performance and
c) their general contribution to instilling a progress-friendly climate in the enterprise (for example, through knowledge-sharing, assistance and teaching of younger executives etc).
- To look for and utilize all knowledge and connections of employees (intellectual property and knowledge management), besides the knowledge each one is using in daily work, constituting sometimes part of a repetitive routine.
- To facilitate free movement and circulation of ideas, information and knowledge within the enterprise.
- To respect each employee’s personality
- To teach and help them acquire knowledge.
- To convince them in practice that the better and effective one is, the higher up he/she can climb; however, in case of disputes, the supervisors should cope with any issue skillfully and fairly, without avoiding, by-passing or covering up the issue, using unnecessary verbosity.
- To communicate with them almost daily, explaining what is sought after, what is expected from everyone, how employee performance will be measured, how it will be rewarded, what difficulties will be dealt with, what are the next steps, how developments affect the enterprise’s operation and profitability.

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Performance Appraisal System
Pagona Liggou, HR Director

The objectives deriving from the implementation of a well-structured Performance Appraisal System is the optimal management of employees; this shall enable the company to:
1.   be open and inform the employees on how much the company has estimated their performance, their efforts, their skills, the points where they should improve and the way to achieve it.
2.   to implement the development and training, to listen to employees' proposals as to how management could be optimized and be consistent with all the decisions that concern them.
3.   to provide clear priorities and objective targets, correct information and freedom of action and make employees responsible for the work to be performed.
4. to offer support during the year, adjusting the priorities when needed and dealing with problems and errors as a way to achieve improvement and innovation; not to accept excuses and to reinforce an effectiveness-oriented mindset.

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