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Our HR Director, Pagona Liggou, participated as a speaker during the first REALTYon EXPO that took place on the 28th of June at Parklane. The session had as a main subject : The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment: From Sourcing to Onboarding, where the panel speakers discussed a very interesting topic related to finding staff from scratch until said staff's full induction into the working environment.

The main topics that the participants analysed were :

1. Skills and qualifications are in high demand in the Cyprus market, and how can companies bridge the skills gap

2. How can companies attract and retain top talent when rental prices are high and cost of living is a concern for many potential employees

3. how can companies adapt their recruitment strategies to attract and retain talent who seek a more flexible work environment, and at the same time be able to deliver their projects on time

4. When it comes to employee relocation, what are the essential factors that organizations should consider ensuring a smooth and successful onboarding for both the employee and the company


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